Key Features:

1. Pin Locations

With Carpin, you can track when your kid arrives or leave locations. Add your kids as members in your circle and find geolocations

2. GPS Locator

By using the GPS tracker, you can view your kid’s location history.

3. SOS Notifications

In case of emergency, your kids can send an SOS emergency message to inform you. • Battery Notification: Carpin sends you a notification of your kid’s battery percentage. You can track their phones’ battery percentage.

4. Check-In

You can check in to share your GPS location, send a text or photos to your kids.

Installing our app will allow you to track your kids. Install Carpin app on your phone and you can find your kid’s current geolocation and know they are safe with Carpin.

Carpin is a new circle app and a location finder application. Carpin aims to inform the real-time geolocator and your safety to your kids even if they are not available to answer your call. You can see track their live location from the maps with geolocation.

You can reach us from [email protected]